Telemarketing Services for Non-Profits

We Get It

When you work in the non-profit world, you understand the importance of donors. So do we. At Aria Calls and Cards we develop custom solutions to help you connect with your valued donors through conversations that matter.

We’ve been working with
non-profits since 1985.

Experience and Integrity

Our team of non-profit telemarketing professionals has years of experience connecting with donors. We pride ourselves on approaching each phone conversation with authenticity and gratitude. We don’t believe in using scripts. Instead, we engage in honest conversation with your organization’s donors on every phone call. Our calling team is made up of highly experienced sales professionals and fundraisers who know how to customize their calls to a variety of non-profit organizations — whether you’re running an annual fund campaign or making routine stewardship calls.

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Our Services Tailored For You

Aria Calls and Cards offers a range of telephone fundraising services for non-profits to ensure we are best addressing the needs of your donors and the campaign. Looking for a heartfelt team that can call up your newest donors to thank them for their gift? Or maybe you want charismatic telephone fundraisers to administer donor satisfaction surveys that’ll improve your future outreach efforts. Whatever it is, Aria Calls and Cards is here to help.

Our telemarketing services
for non-profits
are the best in the business.

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