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Successful direct marketing requires impactful technique. Invest in the growth of your company by combining our two powerful services — calls and cards — to make a lasting impression on donors or customers.



More Donors

Retaining donors and members requires an integrated approach to appeals and stewardship.  Using both calls and cards along with other channel efforts will increase your retention as well as improve the donor experience.



More Money

Can’t reach your donors on the phone? Have donors on the Do Not Call list? Let us follow up with our handwritten cards. Our professional meets personal touch is proven 4 to 10x more effective than a standard letter and donors have been known to thank YOU for the note!



More People

Our calls and handwritten cards are a Powerful combination! Take advantage of both mail marketing and telemarketing services and watch your responses grow.  No one else can match what our calls and cards can do.  Do more, raise more dollars, and reach more prospects than you ever thought possible with our proven direct marketing solutions.



More Leads & Sales

Chasing prospects and qualifying leads takes time. Let our professional telemarketers do the legwork for you. Our agents are hand selected for your campaigns based on their individual skills to help you sell more.


More Time

There’s no way around it – customer service done right is a time-consuming endeavor. We offer services like appointment setting, overflow calls, and inbound telemarketing that are designed to give you back valuable time while establishing trust and generating leads for your company.

Aria Calls

We’re not your typical call center. Renowned for our ability to foster genuine, unscripted conversation, Aria can build trust in your company and drive leads all while saving you time & money.

  • Genuine, personalized conversations tailored to convert
  • Advanced calling technology including a premise-based dialer system
  • Daily reporting via a secure web portal
  • PCI certified and nationally recognized commitment to compliance standards
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Aria Cards

In a world of cluttered email inboxes, Aria still believes in the power of a simple handwritten note — and it’s been working. After more than 30 years, we know the impact a personalized card can make with your donor base.

  • Pioneers of handwritten thank-you and solicitation cards
  • Team of handwriting specialists devoted to crafting genuine messages
  • A number of options to target your optimal audience
  • Proven to build stronger relationships with constituents
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