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Business to Business Telemarketing Services

In business, first impressions matter. You want a professional who can help you quickly connect with your prospective or current clients on the first phone call because strong customer relationships are what set your business apart from your competitors. Aria Calls and Cards can do just that.


When you partner with Aria, you gain an extension of your team. Our telemarketers have years of experience providing business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) call center services, and our tenure in the industry has helped us to pinpoint the calling techniques that will secure the best results. In collaboration with your business, we will refine and adapt our telemarketing strategy in order to meet (and exceed) your team’s benchmarks.


If you want to stand out from the pack, consider our personalized approach to telemarketing. Our long-standing track record of success is proof that it works.

First impressions

Telemarketing With a Personal Touch

When you’re cold calling, you need a skilled caller who can engage with the gatekeeper of the business at the front end in order to efficiently connect with the decision maker. Aria has the experience to help you make those connections. At Aria Calls and Cards, we pride ourselves on delivering honest, natural communication from day one. We understand that no one is a fan of the classic telemarketing script, so our team of professionals works to engage your customers in authentic conversation instead — in everything from lead generation to appointment setting.

Whether you’re a smaller business or well-established Fortune 500 company, we have what it takes to help you protect your bottom line. We provide a wide range of custom B2B telemarketing services, so you can organize a holistic telemarketing campaign tailored to target the customers that are most likely to convert. After years in the calling and cards industry, we have seen that our customized, personalized marketing strategy works and puts you leagues ahead of your competitors.

The Aria Advantage

Aria’s advanced calling technology allows your company’s name to show up on your customers’ caller ID. Here are a few other advantages Aria’s call center services give you over other telesales firms:

  • Premise-based dialer system along with secure servers for calling, reporting and internet access
  • Recording 100% of calls
  • Personalized scripting to meet your campaign needs that provides the logic for our callers and captures each critical detail of the campaign
  • Sales/lead/appointment information can be entered in real-time directly into your systems, a web interface, CRM, or through our systems and passed along through our SFTP site.
  • Daily reporting via our secure web portal

Custom, personalized calls
again and again.

The Aria Difference

Authentic Conversations

Aria knows when to ditch the script in order to engage customers in an organic conversation.


32+ Years of Experience

Since 1985, we’ve been delivering expert telemarketing services that help businesses succeed.


Committed to Compliance

We are 100% committed to meeting state and national compliance standards, no matter what.



We understand that our callers need to form authentic connections to generate strong leads.


If you would like to learn more about our telemarketing call center, our outbound and inbound services or our time-honored techniques, please give us a call. We’ll always pick up.

Our commitment to compliance
is second to none.

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