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Political Telemarketing Services

Get your message out to thousands of people in a matter of minutes with our comprehensive political telemarketing programs. Our SER (EIS) Encore Call Processing System and Wygant Digital Recording System work together to help maximize campaign proficiency and produce results.

Our sophisticated recording system allows us to record personalized messages from you to all recipients, bringing your campaign to the next level. Our high levels of contact and strong completion rates indicate our ability to connect with donors and voters.

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What You Can Expect

We provide a handful of powerful services for those looking to boost their political campaigns including polling, Get Out the Vote, voice messaging broadcasting, and campaign fundraising. Aria’s specialized call center for political campaigns ensures all programs are personalized whenever possible with the candidate’s voice and specific message.

Our combination of cutting edge technology and professionally-managed communication tactics are designed to maximize results and lighten the workload of any campaign team by tapping into thousands of potential votes.

Make a Smart Business Decision

  • Save money on list acquisition by purchasing lists at a discounted rate from us
  • We do not charge for script development or data integration — stretching your dollars further
  • Track progress easily with our Remote Client Monitoring
  • Save your campaign team time and money by partnering with a team of experts

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