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Appointment Setting Services

Professionally and efficiently setting appointments is crucial to bringing in new business leads. But when you have a lot going on in your business, setting up appointments can be time-consuming and take your sales team away from developing client relationships and closing sales. If you want to effectively set appointments while focusing your time and energy on the bigger picture, our B2B appointment setting services are right for you.

Our telemarketing appointment setting services are paired with list acquisition services. We pre-purchasing our lists and pass the savings to you at a discounted rate. Our goal is to make setting the appointments easy, so that your sales force can spend more time face to face with people.

Setting appointments
is essential.

What You Can Expect

For our telemarketing appointment setting, we learn as much about your company as possible. Once we know about your product or service, we develop script content in collaboration with you and create appointments for your sales team to position them for success. All appointments are digitally recorded for accuracy and will be confirmed with you one business day before the appointment.

To ensure accuracy and professionalism, we offer the option to dial in from your home or office to listen in on our appointment setting program via our Remote Client Monitoring. Measuring results has never been easier, as we report daily so that you can understand just how your campaigns are doing. We give you the most up-to-date information that will help you to adjust your efforts accordingly.

Make a Smart Business Decision

If you want to save yourself money and time, then using our sales appointment setting services are the right decision for you.

  • We assist with list acquisition and pass the savings from the pre-purchased lists down to you.
  • We learn about your business and set you up with appointments that will put you in a position to succeed.
  • We digitally record all appointments and confirm them with you the business day before.
  • We allow you to listen in on our program via Remote Client Monitoring.

Our team will provide daily reports,
so you’re always
kept in the loop.

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