When you work in the nonprofit world, you understand the importance of donors and members. So do we. At Aria Calls and Cards, we’ve been fundraising for nonprofits and building up membership programs since 1985. We know how to develop the right custom solutions to help you connect with your valued donors and members through conversations that make a difference.

Studies show if you can improve your retention by only 5%, it can increase your revenue by 50% (Penelope Burk). And if you can cut your loss of new supporters by 10%, you can increase revenue by a whopping 200%! (Chronicle of Philanthropy).

Aria’s Donor Thank You Services guarantee an improvement in your donor retention. Let our team of charismatic professional fundraisers schedule a donor thank you call, survey, or a handwritten thank you note.


1. We talk with your donors, not at them.
2. Fundraising is all about the people.


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Aria Calls

Our team of nonprofit telemarketing professionals has years of experience connecting with donors. We pride ourselves on approaching each phone conversation with authenticity and gratitude. We don’t believe in using strict scripts. Instead, we strive to engage in honest conversation with your organization’s donors during every phone call to ensure a quality call.

Our calling team is made up of highly experienced sales professionals and fundraisers who know how to customize their calls for nonprofit organizations. Whether you’re seeking new members and donors or making routine calls as part of a thank-you program, our professionals know which conversations work.


Aria Cards

Both of our services alone are powerful tools that help nonprofits maintain strong donor retention and generate donor renewals time and time again. However, our nonprofit fundraising solutions are even more powerful when combined. Not only can we talk to your donors during telemarketing campaigns, but we can continue communication after phone conversations end to foster relationships and trust with our unique handwritten notes.

Combining these two elements will generate better results than either one alone, and keep your organization at the front of your donors’ minds. Handwritten notes to those not reached by phone generate 4-10 times the response of “Sorry we missed you” form letters.

Compliance Is Serious Business

At Aria, if there’s one thing we take seriously, it’s compliance. We make sure our fundraisers adhere to all state and national telephone marketing and fundraising requirements. We have even received accolades from the offices of several attorneys general, complimenting us for our diligence and exceptionally high standards.

We are also in compliance with the current Payment Card Industry Data Security (PCI) Standard with respect to any personally identifiable data associated with a cardholder.

The Aria Difference

Authentic Conversations

Aria knows when to ditch the script in order to engage customers in an organic conversation.

32+ Years of Experience

Since 1985, we’ve been delivering expert telemarketing services that help businesses succeed.

Committed to Compliance

We are 100% committed to meeting state and national compliance standards, no matter what.


We understand that our callers need to form authentic connections to generate strong leads.

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