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Donor and customer interactions are very important. From the letters you write, to the calls you make . You want to leave a lasting impression. It’s  likely that your donors aren’t just getting mail from you, so how are you going to get your mail piece to stand out amongst their sea of junk mail? The answer? Write. Hand write a letter or a card, or at the very least, hand write the address on the envelope.

Now, I’m not talking about “handwritten” mail. By that, I mean, using a font to laser print the information on the carrier envelope, or using a machine to write it. You know the pieces, the ones with the stamp that clearly isn’t first class and the address is laser printed. Or the one that looks hand addressed, but you know it’s not and it’s actually an advertisement from an insurance company that you don’t want. If you want the personal touch, you have to make the personal touch.

I don’t know about you, but I always get this feeling of anticipation when sorting through my mail and seeing a piece that is hand addressed to me. I will eagerly open that piece of mail before all others, because I know someone took the time to sit down and send me something personal. In an age when everything seems digital and impersonal, that personal touch goes a long way with me and with donors. Don’t just take my word for it though. A study done at Nankai University in Tianjin China in 2017 shows that organizations can effectively use handwritten communication to signal warmth, effort and create psychological closeness for relationship building.

Be sure to 1) Have variety 2) Be authentic and 3) If you don’t have the time or resources, partner with someone who will commit to treating your customers and donors the way you would.


Have Variety

There is a variety of options with regard to the pieces that can be mailed.  Examples include a postcard, USB drives, birthday notes, thank you cards, appeals, renewals, donor experiences, manila folders, invitations, a paper airplane, and magazines with post-it notes personalized to the donor. Just to name a few. The key is making it personal and making it handwritten.

Be Authentic

A handwritten message alone doesn’t guarantee authenticity. You want your message to be genuine and authentic to your donors. Handwritten pieces should be different from your direct mail pieces. They are meant to be personal and leave a lasting impression. Whether you create this copy or have one of Aria’s content creators do it, we’re here to ensure your message stands out.

Find the Right Partner

Aria has been in the handwriting business for 32+ years and we employ actual people who hand write your pieces.  We do not use a handwritten font – that, to me, is not handwriting. We use people. Plain and simple. People who care about your organization, people who care that a piece looks authentic, people who will do their best each and every time.  We do not have rooms full of machines that write in place of a person. It truly is a personal touch by actual persons.


The Right Size

Worried your job is too big? Too small? At Aria, it will be just the right size. We can handle any size job, from a couple of hundred pieces to millions of pieces.  We treat each job as if it is our only job and give it the attention it deserves. You can be confident that your mailing is in good hands and will be a success.

When it’s that time of year to look at how you choose to communicate with your donors or customers, reach out to Aria.  We will be thrilled to share some of our approaches.  Aria has variety, authenticity and can help make your campaigns a success with your donors and customers.

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Written by: Sarah Appel

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