Handwritten Direct Mail Marketing Services For Non-Profits

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Be More Personal

At Aria Calls and Cards, we embrace the huge communication and technological advances of the past decade, but we also celebrate the power of old-fashioned staples, like simple handwritten mail. Handwritten direct marketing solutions provide a personal touch that email can’t quite compete with. Especially in the non-profit industry, building a strong relationship with your donors is an important facet of your organization. Aria Calls and Cards has worked with a wide range of non-profits throughout the country, and we have the experience and know how to help.

We celebrate the power
of old-fashioned staples.

Go Analog

Our highly trained team of handwriting associates craft thoughtful, unique mail to help you connect with your donors through a medium they’ll remember. Although we tackle a wide range of assignments, our signature direct mail marketing solution for non-profits are our Ariacards – personalized fundraising and thank you notes. When a lot of our current communication begins with a hashtag, a handwritten Ariacard to a donor stands out by a mile. Our customized handwritten marketing solutions for non-profits are specifically tailored, card by card, to make sure your donors feel appreciated. Everyone loves to get mail, and they’ll remember who sent it.

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