Handwritten Mail Done Write


Donor and customer interactions are very important. From the letters you write, to the calls you make . You want to leave a lasting impression. It’s  likely that your donors aren’t just getting mail from you, so how are you going to get your mail piece to stand out amongst their sea of junk mail? The answer? Write. Hand write

Calling with Courtesy: Three Ways to Set Your Calls Apart


Courtesy matters, especially in this digital world. Picking up the phone and being warm and conversational seems to be a lost art. Nearly half of the calls that Americans receive today are spam or robocalls. According to The Washington Post, Americans got 26.3 billion robocalls last year, up 46 percent from 2017. This means that it’s already a challenge to

3 Things to Remember about Donor Salutations

Donor Salutations

You sit down to write a thank you note or send an email to one of your donors. You ask yourself, am I close enough to refer to them by their first name? Do I know the proper spelling? How have I addressed them in the past?  Donor salutations are important. You don’t want to mess them up and come

Donor Retention: Taking Care of “Your People”


The people on your donor and member lists are valuable assets. They actually support the good work your non-profit organization does.  One way or another, you acquired those names and addresses.  It may have been through events, acquisition mailings, inbound or outbound phone-a-thons, on-line, or out of the blue. No matter how you acquired them, within the universe of all

AriaCards: If It Ain’t Broke…

A lot has changed at Aria since my first day over 30 years ago. Applied Information Marketing or ‘AIM’ as it was known then, was one of the first call centers in the region. The calling lists, which were actually note cards at the time, were meticulously arranged in shoe boxes at the end of each shift. The work stations

Building Relationships with Donors and Members

Relationships take work. I’ll just say it. Whether it’s personal or professional, they require time, energy, and effort. The busier I get, the harder it can be to maintain relationships. Can you relate? Between work, family, friends, kids, hobbies, etc. and there’s only so much of you to go around! But like with most things in life, you get out

Ways Telemarketing Can Work: Recap of the Greek Retreat Speaking Event

A man enjoying a conversation with a potential donor

The Greek Retreat is an annual gathering that gives young professionals in fraternal foundations a chance to network, learn, and grow. There is a growing need for strong fundraising strategies for these organizations. Catherine Winge, one of our Principals & Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales, was asked to speak at the event about the importance of telemarketing in today’s multichannel

4 Tips to Boost the Impact of Your Telemarketing Fundraising Efforts

Donation Jar

In the nonprofit world, fundraising is necessary to keep the gears moving at an organization and ensure that your team has the resources to reach its goals. If you have experience in giving, you are likely accustomed to telemarketing. However, how do you ask for donations over the phone so you get real results? Do it wrong once, you might

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Telemarketing Fundraising Campaign

Successful telephone fundraising for nonprofits is an art form. You want to raise as much money as you can, but you don’t want to be pushy with the customer or misrepresent the nonprofit that you’re fundraising for. If you make the wrong move in your fundraising campaign you could risk losing a donor or hurting your organization’s reputation. Read up

Make Your Phonathon Program a Success With Just a Few Tips

Successful phonathon programs are one of the most effective ways for colleges and universities to raise funds and connect with alums. There are a variety of benefits phonathons provide, but one of the most important is that these programs raise money while simultaneously building and maintaining relationships with donors and parents. However, running a successful phonathon can be difficult. Here