5 Sales Tips for Cold Calling That Get Results

Man seeking out sales tips for cold calling

Businesses are always looking for ways to generate qualified leads that will eventually result in more sales and higher revenue. But what are the best ways to generate those leads?

In this business landscape, many people believe that cold calling is ineffective and outdated. The stigma around cold calling stems from the age of telemarketers and endless sales calls from people sitting in cubicles reading from a script. Contrary to this belief, cold calling, when executed correctly, has incredible potential to increase your business.

This may leave you wondering how to cold call effectively and grab the attention of potential customers. Here are 5 proven sales tips for cold calling to generate more leads.

1. Qualified Leads

Cold calling can be hard, but if done properly, it brings in more qualified leads because phone marketing is one of the only two-way marketing channels available. Television, radio, email blasts, and display marketing all push messaging, but the push-pull interaction of a phone call is capable of reaching the customer on a truly personal level.

This also means that you can’t treat cold calling like it’s 1985! Researching your potential clients, planning a thoughtful call list, and customizing your techniques to each of them proves that you have taken the time to understand their individual needs and show what your business can do for them.

2. Identify Key Decision Makers

Identifying potential customers ahead of time also means doing a little digging to find out who decides where the company’s money is going and who is in charge of making final decisions (if they are separate people). Knowing what value your company can provide and being prepared for a call is wasted energy if you are talking to the wrong person.

Keep in mind you may need to speak to one or more “gatekeepers” before you are granted access to key decision makers. You may have to sell to someone lower on the totem pole, such as an intern or assistant, before you have the chance to speak to the person in charge. Whoever you have on the phone, don’t read from a script; tailor your message to the person with whom you are having your conversation, and keep it as personable and natural as possible.

3. Do Your Research

What kind of business does your customer handle? What problems do they regularly face? What can you offer to them that someone else cannot?

Researching your customer is important not only to assess their needs, but to understand their culture and how they make decisions. Ultimately, you need to find out what problem they have that you can solve, and why they would want you to solve it for them.

4. Put Your Interactions in the Right Order

Finding out how receptive people are to being approached by a salesperson, and in what fashion, is crucial to planning your interactions. For example, those that have already opened an email or received a piece of mail are far more likely to be receptive to a phone call.

Nurturing these relationships will make for far more success in driving your leads. Find out which ways your customers would prefer to be approached and put them in the proper order to ensure they will be receptive to your prospect.

5. Identify Key List Segments

Before you even consider picking up a phone, segment your lead list and strategize around your demographic information. Your approach for a Millennial won’t be the same as it is for a Baby Boomer. (Another tip: go after places easy for you to travel to for face to face follow-up interactions.)

Pursuing leads can be difficult, and the amount of time and dedication it requires to do so properly usually means hiring a full-time sales associate, which can hurt your bottom line.

The best and most efficient way to handle a heavy volume of sales leads is to outsource your needs. At Aria, we take pride in really understanding your business and seeking out the most effective tools to bring you to the next level. We strive to create an impression on your clients that is the best representation of your business and to not only reach your benchmark goals, but to exceed them. Interested in seeing what we can do for your company? Contact us today for more information.

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